Behavioral help
For your dog and cat

Good morning! My name is Ela Okońska and I am a certified COAPE behaviorist.
I invite to familiarize with my offer.

Training, professional socialization

Every animal is unique to me,
I approach each one individually and help with full engagement and passion.

You become responsible for
Always for what you tamed

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

training – consultation – socialization


phone +48 531 897 776



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Behavior disorder therapy

Behavioral therapy of accompanying animals helps to eliminate problematic behaviors which are burdensome for caregivers and often endangers humans and animals.


Individual training sessions and friendly small groups for you and your pet. Arrival at an agreed place or facility.

Socialization and education of puppies

Professional help in raising puppies. Proper stimulation, socialization with the surrounding dog world. Kindergarten – classes with other puppies.

My proteges – see more