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My name is Ela Okońska, thank you for visiting my website!
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In 2011 I received my master’s degree and graduated from the University of Silesia, Faculty of Law and Administration. However, I quickly realised that my passion and heart lay elsewhere. Shortly after my graduation, I became a certified petsitter, followed by a year-long course provided by the British Certificate of Graduation Centre of Applied Pet Ethology to finally become a certified animal behaviourist specialising in dog and cat behavioural disorders. In addition to my certificates and diplomas, I continue to work with the COAPE Polska training institution. I am consistently gaining more and more experience in animal handling by volunteering with the „Szara Przystań” Animal Protection Foundation.

I also co-host a programme on the local television called „Sposób na cztery łapy”. The programme is animal-themed and discusses the issues of homeless animals and finding their forever homes. I constantly strive to grow my knowledge and improve my qualifications by taking part in training and courses covering the topic of animal behaviour.

Personally, I am a very happy owner of two French bulldogs, who willingly help me gain more and more doggy experience on a daily basis- Fibi who is gladly co-operating with her human friends and Molly, who can only be described as unruly and snoopy, but we are working on it!

„He's your friend, partner, defender, your dog. You are his life, love, guide. It will be yours, faithful and devoted to the last heartbeat. You owe it to him to deserve this devotion.”

- M.Siegal


All episodes of The Way to Four Paws are available on the Youtube channel Szara Przystań.


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