Puppy socialization – puppy training

Puppy socialisation – puppy training



If you want your dog to be happy and healthy when they grow up, puppy training is key. If done properly, it will make future training easier and more successful. Insufficient socialisation of your puppy can negatively influence their future development. Any dog, especially a young one has to develop certain behaviours to respond to his or her environment, and if not properly trained, those behaviours may become bad habits once the puppy grows up. A puppy who has not undergone adequate socialisation, taking into account the specifics of the breed, is more likely to develop unnecessary fears and excessive stress in the future.



Your dog’s uncomfortable mental state will have a strong impact on his or her future life, including that of you and your family.
Taking the above into consideration, there is no doubt that our professional and affordable puppy training classes (puppy nursery) will be a good investment for you and your dog.
Everything that we teach our puppies will be carried with them into adulthood.


The following exercises are covered in our puppy courses:

• Dog-human relationship— Accepting handling and touching (including for vets and groomers), different communication methods
• House-training, staying home alone
• Carefully monitored puppy play & learn sessions
• Stopping play biting and jumping up
• Basic commands: Recall, sit, down, heel, stay, settle, walk on a loose lead without pulling
• Being sociable with humans, children and other puppies
• Staying calm and relaxed in a busy urban environment


All basic training is covered, using kind, trustworthy and reward-based techniques.
Classes are kept small and friendly and are held in places where we can easily provide mental stimulation for our doggy customers.

There are parts of our training area that are fully covered, which means we are able to work all year-round and in all weather conditions.
We adhere to the principles of prophylaxis, therefore our puppy classes are also safe and suitable for dogs undergoing quarantine.



As well as puppy classes, we also offer the option of 1-2-1 training for your puppy.

We are happy to travel to a number of cities in Poland, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us (additional costs for travel arrangements may apply).

Remember; If you want your dog to be happy and healthy when they grow up, puppy training is key!

Puppy socialisation programme costs 550zl and includes:

  • Initial Consultation at your house

  • Four meetings at our training centre (with other puppies)

  • One meeting in a busy and vibrant place with plenty of distractions such as a nearby train station or a shopping mall.

Individual meetings:

  • The cost of the initial consultation 2h: 140 zł

  • The cost of the follow up meeting 1-1.5h: 100 zł

  • Price includes transport in the area of Gliwice

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